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President / Owner



OFFICE: 306-845-2642 

CELL: 306-845-7880

   Warrington AgroDynamic began as Warrington Seeds in 1969, when G.R.Warrington began producing and processing pedigree seed. In 1979 the company was incorporated with sons John and Roger added as partners.The company progressed through seed cleaning, was a canola seed producer and treater in the ’80’s. Farm chemicals were added to sales. In 1988 there was opportunity to sell dry fertilizer and retailing began with a blending plant on site. In 1992 an NH3 service was added and continued to 2004, when that portion of the business was sold.  A custom spray application business began with a high clearance sprayer in 1992 , coinciding with registration  for Preharvest application of glyphosate herbicide.

   Production of Pedigree seed has been discontinued and focus is on fertilizer, chemical, and services as they continue to grow in demand.

   40+ years in ag retail- 25+ years in the fertilizer business- 20+ years in custom application- and every year has provided new and interesting challenges.

   John and Roger continue as owners and 2012 sees us developing a new retail site, off the homestead farm site and beside Highway 26. We enjoy working with a dedicated committed staff, and for dedicated and committed farm clients.

   Our company has been witness to the many changes in agriculture, agronomic, social and political, over this time span. We have succeeded in adapting to these changes by consistently putting the success of our customer first, adapting and leading in application of new relevant technologies, and being committed to the goal of successful sustainable agriculture.


   Greg grew up on a grain farm just south of Mervin, Saskatcewan.  He has had various careers from an assistant golf professional to production/optimization engineer for smaller oil and gas companies while always being involved and helping with his fathers (John) farming operation.  His passion was in agriculture and in fall of 2015 Greg and his wife Corrie returned to the Turtleford area after he accepted a position with the AgroDynamic team.

   Greg and his wife Corrie built a house on the family farm and are looking forward to raising their family in the rural community Greg grew up in.  Greg continues to enjoy golfing.

General Manager/Owner



   Ian grew up in Southey, Saskatchewan on a mixed farm consisting of grain and cattle.  He attended the University of Saskatchewan and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.  During his university years worked 3 summers with BASF, 2 summers in R&D and one summer in Sales.  Before Warrington’s worked 2 years with Cargill as a Farm Marketing Representative.   Ian started with Warrington’s in 2006 and has been working closely with producers to help them be successful in their farming operations.


   He lives in Edam with his wife Chrissy, son Noah and daughter Nevaeh. He enjoys volleyball and fishing.

Marketing/Sales Manager/Owner





Sr. Business Agronomist - Mervin



   Shelly grew up on a livestock farm just east of Spruce Lake.  After graduating from high school in St. Walburg, she attended Lakeland College in Lloydminster where she received a diploma in Business Administration.  After working for 7 years for a drafting supply store in Saskatoon as the Office Manager she moved to Brooks, AB where she began working in the oilfield.  She returned back to the farm at Spruce Lake with her three children in 2000 as she felt the farm was a great place to raise her children.  After doing payroll for 40 companies in the area for approx a year, she returned to working in the oilfield, commuting daily to Lloydminster until her current position as Office Administrator became available at Warrington’s in 2015.   She is enjoying her position working with the staff and customers at Warrington AgroDynamic Ltd. 




   Originally from Kelfield Saskatchewan, Pat Toner has spent the past 18 years near Eston.  Pat brings both Professional Agrologist  and Certified Crop Advisor designations with him to our business.  Pat has diverse experience in Agriculture, ranging from Mixed Farming, to Farm Finance, to Agronomy and Sales. Throughout all these experiences, Pat maintains that Commitment to Service has been the key to both Customer and Business Success.  With 13 years experience in the independent retail business, Pat recognizes massive improvements in both efficiency and sustainability, but acknowledges there is yet even more work to be done. Our Goal remains to be minimizing the cost of production per unit of yield, and no matter how successful we have been in the past, improvements are imperative for our future. Being a father of four (now young men),


   Pat has enjoyed many years as an avid community participant, and looks forward to meeting all customers and citizens in his new surroundings.

Location Manger - St. Walburg


C.C.A, P.Ag.

_MSS5522 2.jpg

   Samantha grew up on a mixed cattle-grain farm on the south-end of Brightsand Lake. After graduation from St.Walburg School, she went on to to attend the University of Saskatchewan achieving a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in Crop Science. During her 4-year university career, Samantha took on jobs with the University Research Farm and Bayer CropScience R&D during the summer months. After graduating with great distinction, Samantha was employed by P&H in North Battleford for over a year, and now has joined the Warrington AgroDynamic Team in Mervin.

   Samantha is excited to be working with producers from the community where she grew up and is eager to supply them with the tools needed to succeed on their farms. She is passionate about today’s innovative agricultural industry and is happy to be a part of it. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys curling, fishing, baking, and helping on the family farm.

Business Agronomist - Mervin




Bobi grew up on a mixed farm at Cleeves and went to school in Spruce Lake and Turtleford. After grade 12 she attended SIAST in Saskatoon and attained her Emergency Medical Technician diploma. She worked EMS for 6 years in St. Walburg until she had children and then became a stay-at-home Mom. From 2010-2012 Bobi worked as an Administration Assistant for Ali Schmidt at Investors Group. From 2012 to 2018 Bobi worked at St. Walburg School as an Education Assistant.

Bobi, her husband Brad, and their 2 boys live east of Spruce Lake on an acreage that Brad’s Grandparent’s (Fred and Stancy Schiller) homesteaded. Bobi and her family enjoy all that country living offers- fishing, hunting, boating, camping and time on their ATV’s.





Mark grew up on a livestock farm North of Turtleford. He married Samantha Warrington in 2010 and has worked here full time/seasonal since April 2011. A BA Degree each and a daughter has made the last 8 years full.

Mark graduated at the top of his class from Sheridan College in Oakville ON with high honors in the Bachelor of Photography program 2017. He is back full time doing whatever is needed in the yard, on location, or online. He loves the land, the farming community and everything it offers for their family.





Business Agronomist - St. Walburg



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